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La fotógrafa y exbecaria Fabiola Ferrero es una de las participantes en 2nd Annual Latin American Foto Festival

La Fotógrafa Y Exbecaria Fabiola Ferrero Es Una De Las Participantes En 2nd Annual Latin American Foto Festival

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La fotógrafa y exbecaria @FabiolaFerrero es una de las participantes en 2nd Annual Latin American Foto Festival de @followbdc


A cemetery in Portuguesa State, Venezuela, left, and a farmer behind a plastic curtain, in a diptych from “Blurred in Despair,” by Fabiola Ferrero. Credit: Fabiola Ferrero

At a Latin American Photo Festival, Poetic and Political Imagery

Artists bring their unconventional storytelling to a Bronx neighborhood of immigrants.

Citlali Fabián’s timeless portraits of her female friends and family members in Oaxaca explore the complexities of indigenous identity amid the effects of colonialism and racism in Mexico. She works slowly and collaboratively, discussing with the women how best to convey their feelings about their roots, while striving to avoid the visual clichés that are often associated with the region.

“Oaxaca is a visually rich place full of culture and folklore and many photographers come year after year to take photos of celebrations like the Day of the Dead,” Ms. Fabián said. “I think the main difference is they just came to take photos like a hunter — to just catch whatever crosses their lenses. I honestly find it rude.”

Her powerful photos, made on glass with the 19th-century ambrotype process, are on display at the Bronx Documentary Center’s second annual Latin American Foto Festival, from July 11 to 21. Some of the exhibits will be on the Melrose neighborhood streets where Spanish is often spoken by immigrants and their children, said Cynthia Rivera, who curated the festival with Michael Kamber, the founder of the Center.

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