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How Trump Did It: Three Ways the President Landed His Acquittal

How Trump Did It: Three Ways The President Landed His Acquittal


President Trump was visibly delighted. As he took the stage at the annual National Prayer Breakfast in Washington on Thursday, his eye was drawn to newspapers laid out on a long table by the lectern. He picked up a copy of USA Today and held it up. “Acquitted,” read the headline. Then, with the architect of his impeachment — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — standing nearby, he grabbed a copy of the Washington Post and popped his eyes in mock surprise at the typeset: “Trump Acquitted.”

Trump held up the same newsprint in the East Room of the White House when he crowed about his acquittal to reporters three hours later at the start of a rambling, celebratory speech that painted his impeachment as part of a long arc of efforts to try to oust him, going back to the FBI’s investigation into Russia’s effort to help Trump win the 2016 election. “It was evil. It was corrupt. It was dirty cops. It was leakers and liars. And this should never ever happen to another President ever,” Trump said.


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