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Amid Venezuela Violence, Maduro’s Men Put a Gun to My Head. My ‘Crime,’ Journalism.

Amid Venezuela Violence, Maduro’s Men Put A Gun To My Head. My ‘Crime,’ Journalism.

Federico Parra / AFP/Getty

Swedish journalist Annika Hernroth-Rothstein was robbed, beaten, and threatened with death. Venezuelans live with such terror all the time.

CARACAS, Venezuela—I never knew how slowly time moves as you are preparing to die.

It’s almost as if your world turns into one of those slow motion videos where every frame freezes and starts up again, focusing on random points across a screen that erupts in color and lacks all sound.

I found that out on Saturday in a dirty back alley in San Antonio del Táchira, a small town just by the Venezuelan border with Colombia. My journey there had started 14 hours earlier, as I landed at Simón Bolívar Airport in Caracas and set off on what would be a life altering road trip into noman´s land.

This was to be my second stint in Venezuela. I had previously spent three weeks here covering the growing unrest following Nicolás Maduro’s highly contested election win and the political upheaval that ensued, and now I was returning to cover the opposition’s attempt to bring thousands of tons of humanitarian aid into the country.

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